Check & grease driveline “u-joints”, carrier bearing, slip yoke
Check & grease chassis and steering gear
Check & fill fluids as follows:
Power Steering
Windshield Washer Fluid
Engine Coolant
Check and fill transmission
Test coolant freeze point
Test batteries
Check battery connections
Check alternator output
Check engine accessory belts or belt condition & tension
Change engine oil up to 8 gallons
Change engine oil filter
Check engine air filter
Inspect all air to air intercooler boots and clamps
Inspect all air intake boots and clamps
Inspect all engine coolant hoses and clamps
Inspect radiator condition “pressure check” if needed and/or
clean external cooling fins with compressed air
Inspect engine wiring harnesses
Inspect all fuel lines and fittings for leaks or signs of abrasions
Inspect fuel filters for leaks and drain water separator
Replace fuel filters
Brake adjustment
Check for air system leaks
Check low air warning buzzer and lamp
Inspect chassis air brake lines
Check fluid level front wet hubs
Check exhaust system & hangers
Check drive axle fluid levels
Inspect chassis frame for defects
Inspect suspension springs, shackles and hangers for defects
Check air dryer operation
Check fuel tank hangers for defects
Check all DOT lights
Check tire pressure
Check pump gear case oil level
Inspect windshield wipers & operation